SAT Expo

SAT Expo Europe 2010 meets Egnos and 3D technology

Navigation and mobility on the one side, and  the new social entertainment services via satellite on the other: this will be the main focus of attention at SAT Expo Europe 2010

So see you at the Rome Trade Fair on the first week of February (4-6) 2010 with  SAT Expo Europe, the only event in the Mediterranean Basin dedicated to space services and applications and integrated TLC.

This third edition will take a close look at the future and will keep on working on the promotion of knowledge and the spreading of information regarding Space solutions that favour the development of society in terms of logistics of mobility and transport,  environmental and territorial monitoring,  homeland security, new Ka- and S-band services,  Internet via satellite,  new applications for Digital Cinema, Broadcast and 3D live events.

During the workshops, the technical conferences and the meetings of the Mediterranean Space Conference, all the players in the segment of Space applications and services will have the chance to exchange views on the advantages and the new frontiers that Space can offer and open to the Earth.

For three days, those who play a leading role in the Italian, European and international aerospace market, the SMEs, and the great players, can promote their solutions and their vision, together with the representatives of institutions and other 22 foreign delegations that will participate in the event.

Particularly, the NASA and India, which is “Partner Country” of the event, play an important role in the successful internationalization of the event.

A delegation formed by a number of representatives of the ISRO (the Indian Space Agency), will participate in the various conferences and will organise workshops to present its activities in the aerospace sector.

Participants will also to present their applications to the world markets and to the emerging countries, during the 3-day business meetings, organised at the B2B area.

Moreover, the three days will be dedicated to the release of the contents of aerospace research in the presence of the major scientific associations and the representatives of universities and institutions involved in higher education.

The main happening will be the First European Conference on EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service), the navigation system developed under the aegis of the European Commission, the ESA, and Eurocontrol, the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation.

EGNOS, which is a major stepping stone towards Galileo, will be an open and free European service to integrate with GPS systems; it will guarantee a higher precision, and will be used for air and maritime transport, car navigation systems, and in agriculture.

The First European Conference on EGNOS, organised in cooperation with the European Commission, will be an occasion to analyse the most advanced case-studies, while the intervention  of the European representatives will mark out the global development scenery of the European navigation programme.

The Mediterranean Space Conference will also focus on themes regarding aerospace cooperation within the Mediterranean, the observation of Earth, unmanned flights, integrated communications, and new European financing opportunities for the SMEs.

Year 2009 has seen the birth of a new trend in the field of social entertainment: the satellite broadcasting of 3D live events. This will mark a turning point both in the promotion of artists and in the variety of contents theatres and halls will be able to offer. This will be a stunning and innovative communication and development tool for those companies dealing with event organisation and producing 3D technologies.

3D live via satellite is the most exceptional and exciting way to involve the audience, a rapidly and constantly developing niche which is attracting the interest of an increasingly higher number of enthusiasts. 3D technology is also about to make a triumphal entry in the field of satellite broadcasting. That will lead to a further diversification in the range of TV contents.

A conference will be completely dedicated to market developments related to 3D productions and contents. This subject will be tackled together with the representatives of various sectors, ranging from content experts, TV and cinema language professionals to technicians; participants will have the possibility to come into contact with the new technology  in a dedicated area organised by DBW.

The sector of new digital satellite technologies will also tackle the issues related to the satellite distribution of HD and digital cinema contents, during a meeting at the HD Forum, and at the HD Set, a dedicated exhibition area.

SAT Expo Europe is supported by the European Commission, the President of the Italian Republic, and the President of the Council of Ministers. It is the official event of the Italian aerospace associations (ASAS, AIPAS, AIAD); its scientific partners are: ASI, ESA, AIDAA and IEEE. SAT Expo Europe is also sponsored by Finmeccanica group, Sviluppo Lazio, Euteslat, Skylogic and Open-Sky.

December 9, 2009 at 9:37 am